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Pangbourne day Nursery views the safety of the children in our care as paramount. The nursery does not allow the use of mobile phones, any image recording device, or personal technical equipment such as lap tops. Nursery I pads are  used in the nursery to take photos & update the children's learning journeys via Baby Days.


  • We do not allow the use of mobile phones during nursery hours, on the premises either indoors or in the outdoor play area.
  • All parents and visitors will be advised of this policy as they enter nursery.
  • Parents and visitors will be asked to ensure their phones are kept in their bags, or they may store them in the filing cabinet for the duration of their visit.
  • If parents or visitors need to use their mobile phone they will be asked to leave the premises in order to do so.

Under no circumstances are parents allowed to take photographs on their mobile phone or camera during a nursery day.