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Care, Learning & Development Policy


We aim to provide children with high quality care and a wide and varied range of activities and experiences that promotes their learning and all round development. We recognise the importance of play for all children and ensure that we provide the opportunity for play both inside and outside throughout the day. We value the experiences that children have at home and endeavour to build on these at nursery.

Provision for children’s care, learning and development is based on the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework. This is a framework for all OFSTED registered early years settings for children from birth to five. The EYFS takes into consideration the care, development and learning opportunities that should be provided for all children.

We aim to ensure that the care, activities and experiences provided:

  • Are supported by the child’s key person.
  • Are enjoyable and fun for the children.
  • Are accessible to all children, including those with special educational needs.
  • Promote the children’s self-esteem.
  • Appropriately responds to the children’s needs.
  • Promote the children’s independence and self-help skills.
  • Meet the individual learning needs of all children.
  • Provide the children with challenging and rewarding activities and experiences.
  • Include individual learning opportunities for each child.
  • Are appropriate for the children’s age/stage of development.
  • Build on the children’s own interests and experiences.
  • Promote the prime and specific areas of development and learning as described in 
the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework.
  • Ensure a balance of activities and experiences across all areas of learning and 
development which are planned and informed by the use of our ongoing 
observations and assessment of each child.
  • Use every day routines and experiences as learning opportunities.
  • Encourage the children to become active and confident learners.
  • Prepare children for the next stage of their learning and development.
  • Take into account parents views and knowledge about their child.
  • Support the characteristics of effective learning as described in the Early Years 
Foundation Stage Framework. 


We ensure that we:


  • Use the outdoor area, local community and environment to enhance learning opportunities for children.
  • Reflect positively the multi-cultural society in which we live.
  • Reflect positively the diversity of families that live in our society today.
  • Reflect positively the diversity of differently able people who live in our society today. 

Children are encouraged to create their own play opportunities and make choices about their play. They are given the opportunity to use their imaginations, develop their natural curiosity and take part in a range of challenging activities within a safe environment and within appropriate boundaries of behaviour. 
We recognise the unique opportunities that outside play can provide and the importance of encouraging children to be interested in the natural environment. The outside area is used as much as possible. Outdoor play is not restricted by weather conditions, providing that it does not present a health and safety risk to children or staff.


Reviewed: November 2017